The Metamorphosis - Gut Healing Program for Women

Gut health is the root of most of our health issues. Did you know that 70% of your immune system is in your gut? And 90% of serotonin is produced there. Serotonin is the happy, feel-good hormone.

When the gut microbiome isn’t balanced, you will have less immunity, your hormones can be out of balance, you can have more issues with depression and anxiety, and it can lead to many autoimmune disorders.

A hormone imbalance specialist and gut health coach can help you heal your gut and feel healthier and more energetic.

What are some signs that your gut health is out of balance?

  • Constipation or diarrhea, or a combo of both
  • Gas, bloating, and heartburn
  • Fatigue
  • Food sensitivities
  • Skin conditions
  • Mood swings

Unfortunately, today’s diet and lifestyle significantly impact our gut health. Changes in diet, stress management, sleep, and toxins avoidance are needed to heal your gut.

A lot of these problems suddenly crop up during the perimenopause years. Gas and bloating are two of the most common complaints from women in this stage of life. They are often seeking perimenopausal bloating remedies and relief and are glad to learn how to treat bloating naturally.

So, are you ready?
    • Ready to jump out of bed in the morning feeling full of energy and ready to take on whatever the day holds?
    • Ready to get out of the leggings and put on that little black dress again?
    • Ready to walk into any room and feel like the ageless goddess you are born to be?
    • Ready to heal your gut and live your best life yet?

Then the Metamorphosis gut healing program is for you.

In this 6-month gut healing program, you get:

  • 13 Biweekly Coaching Calls with messaging support in between calls using Voxer
  • An Eating Plan That Fits Your Lifestyle with Recipes to Help You Stick to Your Plan 
  • Plus, Tips and Tricks to Help Overcome the Overwhelm
In your Metamorphosis:
  • You’ll reclaim your energy and live the life you want
  • You’ll lose weight and feel more confident in who you are
  • You’ll be ready to take on life with joy and passion

Live&Thrive Wellness is an online only health and wellness coach located in rural Hart, MI and is close to Muskegon, Ludington, Grand Rapids, and Grand Haven.

Call Live&Thrive Wellness with Kim Rendon at 231-923-6812 to get started on a journey to better gut health with a wellness coach located in the U.S.A

“I scheduled an appt with Kim because I was having problems with bloating. Kim narrowed down what foods might be causing the bloat after asking about my diet, what’s new in it, and a lot of other questions. The top food that she thought might be triggering the bloat, I hadn’t even considered, but now I can’t believe I didn’t consider it sooner. I now have a plan for verifying which food(s) are causing me issues. I highly recommend Kim if you’re looking to improve your gut health.”
Nutrition Coach online Hart MI
Melissa D.
Google Review June 2022