Time to Thrive Catalyst - Group Journey

What if….8 weeks from now, you looked back on your life and stood in awe of the change you made, the transformation you experienced, and the possibilities that now exist? Regaining your health is about more than diet and lifestyle change; you need a powerful mindset and self-love. This program will take you through these changes to make lasting transformations.

Time to Thrive is based on a proven state-of-the-art methodology from a Stanford University Master’s Degree Course, which has revolutionized the art of success. It is married to a system developed around your lifestyle to help you heal your gut, balance your hormones, and lose weight. You’ll learn about a way of living without counting calories, doing joyful movement, and a new mindset around healing yourself. Plus, you’ll develop the belief in yourself that you can make lasting changes.

Regaining your health and losing weight is about more than calories in and calories out.

  • It’s about having a great support system.
  • It’s about learning to love yourself.
  • It’s about learning to deal with life stressors in a healthy way.
  • It’s about your Time To Thrive.

This is a group journey but can be done one on one. Ask me about it.

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“The Clarity Catalyst program has done so much for me and my mindfulness. Kim is an excellent coach. Kim is diligent, kind-spoken, and makes you feel so comfortable.”
Nutrition Coach online Hart MI
Maria V.